Thermoplastic materials, although they do not need the mechanical effect of a filler like the elastomers, can also benefit from the presence of small quantities of mineral fillers. The synthetic products of the IQE Group provide very uniform properties and a high purity compared to other similar products.

IQESIL’s precipitated silica, EBROSIL® can be applied as an antiblocking agent, to prevent plastic from sticking together, both for films and chips, especially transparent products. It can also be applied as a surface texture modifying/matting agent in extruded products, both to reduce adhesion and to modify their appearance. Apart from this latter application of aluminium silicate, EBROSIL® SA60 provides opacity and the possibility of extending titanium dioxide in coloured systems.

GELOXAL® aluminium hydroxide, like other hydrated aluminium salts, has a flame-retardant effect and its amorphous nature and small size facilitate its addition and dispersion as well as providing similar advantages to those of silica systems.

Finally, IQE also offers special zeolites for use in lead-free PVC stabilizers, in addition to being effective as antiblocking agents in colored systems.

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