Aluminium hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide with amorphous structure and with a high specific BET surface area value. It is produced by chemical precipitation in aqueous medium and has an alkali content of less than 2% (Na2O).

GELOXAL® 10 is a highly reactive aluminium source, easily soluble in weak acids and with a high Al2O3 content. Its novel manufacturing process has been designed in the different departments of IQE and it is one of the company’s latest projects.

The industrial interest in this type of products derives from its multiple applications in such different sectors as construction and pharmaceutical firms.




A white, powdered solid structured in the form of a microporous amorphous gel. This structure provides it with a high specific surface area value and excellent reactivity which marks a difference with other aluminium hydroxides with crystalline structures.

It has a very homogeneous medium-particle size of about 7.5 microns; it is insoluble in water and due to its amphoteric nature. It is totally soluble in both weak and strong bases and acids.

Markets it targets: