IQE Group

IQE Group is an industrial chemical group formed by
four companies: Industrias Químicas del Ebro, S.A., DESILSA, SIMAL y Silkimya.

Industrias Químicas del Ebro

With its more than 65 years of service, IQE is an European benchmark within the field of inorganic chemistry. The company's positioning in different sectors and in highly competitive markets has fostered its continuous growth, while still remaining true to its roots.

Detergentes y Derivados de Silicatos Alcalinos

Founded in 1961, focuses its activities on the production of a wide range of liquid silicates. Strategically located in Barcelona, within its area of influence it covers markets in such diverse industries as detergents, water treatment, cardboard, textiles…

Silicatos de Malpica

Its business activity, which complements those of the other companies in the Group, is centred on the production of sodium and potassium silicates, having extensive experience in the market.


SILKIMYA, the most recent addition to the group, is the first step in the company's internationalization process. It focuses its activity on the production of precipitated silica.

Our management model

The IQE Group management model describes the principles followed to manage the company, the ultimate aim being to achieve sustained profitability over time, guaranteeing the permanent satisfaction of customers through the involvement of the whole of the workforce in an environment of continuous learning and improvement, carried out in a responsible manner.

Implementing the EFQM-based management model means that we are committed to ensuring that at the IQE Group we carry out our activities within a framework of ethical values, of respect for the environment and guaranteeing our employees’ safety.

Our company is:

  • Committed, responsible and integrated, and generates trust in its relationship with people, clients and the environment.
  • Deeply rooted in the territory, with a global y perspective, and with a presence and a calling for growth in different countries and industries.
  • Creative, promoting innovation and excellence, acting differently and boldly.

Good chemistry for a sustainable future

To be a benchmark in the development of innovative solutions, appreciated by its stakeholders and sustainable in its growth.

We are an industrial group specialising in inorganic chemistry that provides innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.