Although it began as a minor application within its use as a reinforcing agent in elastomers, the use of precipitated silica in the manufacture of tyres has become increasingly important, not only in terms of volume but also due to its effect on fuel consumption and therefore on the environmental impact of our products. IQESIL offers precipitated silica within its EBROSIL® series.

The so-called “green tyres” that use silica as a filler instead of carbon black have considerable advantages over traditional tyres, not just with respect to safety (enhanced performance on wet roads or snow) but above all due to the fuel-saving aspect, providing potential savings of 3-5% in vehicle fuel consumption.

These advantages are due to the special structure of the silica used, compared to typical silicas, resulting in a much closer interaction with the polymeric matrix and better dispersion in the rubber.

"They influence our direction and safety on the road. Let us make sure we have a solid basis for moving forward."

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