Precipitated silica has been used for a long time as a reinforcing agent in elastomers, especially natural and synthetic rubber. It belongs to the so-called group of white fillers, which allow rubber blends to be coloured, unlike the other usual filler – carbon black. Among the different white fillers, precipitated silica is the only one whose reinforcing capacity can compete with carbon black in enhancing properties.

IQE has a wide range of silicas for this application, the EBROSIL® series, with different reinforcing effects, since the greater the reinforcement, the better the mechanical features but the poorer the processability of the final product, which allows the product used to be adjusted to the requirements of the application.

All rubber products can use silica, but its main application is in coloured products with good mechanical properties, such as soles for shoes, rubber floors, hoses, etc. It is especially compatible with NBR, NR, SBR/BR and CR.

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