Silicon is an essential trace element in numerous plants. One way of providing this product is by using soluble silicates. In the IQE product range we recommend the use of KSIL® 2.2 potassium silicate, which does not contribute sodium to the system. When used in low doses, it provides an added intake of soluble silica for a certain type of plant. This nutrient increases productivity in systems and also improves plant resistance to different diseases and pests.

Our product catalogue also offers other precipitated silicas that provide solutions for agriculture – the IBERSIL® and EBROSIL® series. Apart from its role as a source of soluble silicon, amorphous precipitated silica controls humidity in plants, offsetting variations in humidity. The presentation of our silicon as a very fine powder means that it can be used as a suspension, spray or for dry sprinkling. An added advantage is that in certain formulations, silica is an excellent grinding aid, a carrier for active principles, or a fluidifying agent in products with caking tendency.

Silicon is a trace element that is essential for many plants. One way of providing this product is through the use of soluble silicates. From the range of IQE products, we recommend using potassium silicate KSIL® 34 and 46.

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