The work of the CREG Group of Zaragoza University in IQE, awarded in the eighth edition of the Third Millennium Awards

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The Paraninfo of the University of Zaragoza hosted the eighth edition of the Third Millennium Awards promoted by the Heraldo with the aim of recognising the work of individuals, research centres and groups, institutions and companies for their commitment to research, innovation, teaching and dissemination of science and technology in Aragon.

The Grupo de Catálisis, Molecular Separations and Reactor Engineering Group (CREG), which includes researchers from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technologies at the University of Zaragoza, received the runner-up prize for “Sustainable Products and Processes” in the category “Transfer of Science and University to Business”.

The work of the CREG Group has been recognised by the development of an intense research and transfer activity with numerous companies, highlighting the work done in Industrias Químicas del Ebro S.A., where it has maintained an intense and continuous collaboration for more than 15 years, for example, in the development of a material (high dispersion precipitated silica) that can be applied to obtain low consumption tyres (the so-called ‘green tyres’).

CREG Group collaboration with IQE

The collaboration of the CREG Group, led by Professor Miguel Menéndez, with the R&D department of Industrias Químicas del Ebro, has been a continuous work for more than a decade.

The Thesis in 2009 entitled “Study of precipitated silicas for the improvement of rubber blends” by Dr. Daniel Julve marked a way of working “Company-University” that has been extended to most of the new R&D lines in IQE. Other examples of collaboration between IQE and the CREG Group are the evaluation of new synthesis routes for inorganic products using CO2 or the energy optimisation of evaporation processes.

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