The IQE Group’s zeolites, key materials for decarbonisation

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Zeolites are ordered crystalline materials capable of absorbing and separating mixtures of the smallest gases by acting as molecular sieves. IQE’s latest developments in the area of zeolites, under the brand name SiOLITE®, are key to the latest technologies for decarbonising industry and combating climate change.

For example, SiOLITE® 13X is a material of great interest for CO2 capture and sequestration in the fight against climate change and for the efficient generation of pure oxygen from air for use in oxy-combustion processes or for medical applications.

The ZEOSIMAL project, within the HAZITEK 2022 call of the Basque Government, subsidises the research and development of these materials in the company Silicatos de Malpica.

Project n° ZL-2022/00914 – ZEOSIMAL proiektua.