NASIL® sodium silicate is present in recycled paper bleaching and de-inking processes and in the production of paper pulp. It is the main stabiliser of hydrogen peroxide which is used as an efficient and economical bleaching agent.

NASI 3.3 sodium silicate in solution is preferred for mechanical pulp bleaching operations and paper de-inking processes.

In de-inking processes NASIL® 3.3 helps separate the ink particles from the paper fibres and favours their suspension in the aqueous medium where the de-inking process takes place. At the same time, it keeps the alkaline pH constant during the entire de-inking process and prevents destabilisation of the hydrogen peroxide.

Sodium silicate is also used in paper pulp bleaching processes combined with hydrogen peroxide. In this process, the silicate precipitates the metal ions that catalyze the hydrogen peroxide decomposition process at the same time as they buffer the alkaline pH.

In the papermaking process based on mechanical pulp, especially newsprint, SODASIL®, the finely divided precipitated aluminium silicate produced at one of the IQE Group plants, is used as a white filler. This product confers a high degree of brightness and it also prevents blurring of print lines and increases the speed and quality of printing. IBERSIL® precipitated silica can also form part of some white filler blends.

The products, SUFAL® and ALNA® are used in sizing processes in the paper and pulp industries as inputs of aluminium. Their function is to precipitate and fix the sizing agents, improve retention and disperse resin particles, to achieve high quality papers.

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