Detergents and soaps

Many washing processes are carried out using detergents or soaps with formulations that include sodium or potassium silicates, sodium metasilicates, zeolites and zeolite compounds. The IQE Group has a wide range of these products that it supplies as raw materials to different companies specialised in the manufacture of cleaning products.

Detergents are required for many important washing processes, such as: metal cleaning and degreasing, dishwashing, domestic or industrial clothes washing and floor cleaning.

In this sector, alkaline silicates and zeolites play a particularly important role due to their outstanding detersive properties, among which are, their capacity to precipitate/complex calcium and other cations, their alkalinity and pH buffer effect and the possibility of neutralising and saponifying fats and oils.

Sodium metasilicate is used as a metal degreasing agent or in the formulation of laundry detergents. Potassium silicate, KSIL®, is used in the formulation of toilet soap. ZEOLITE A and the zeolite-based compounds form the ecological builder of the majority of powdered detergents for domestic washing, replacing other phosphate-based builders (STPP). Our NASIL® sodium silicates are used as stabilisers in formulations of hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching products and in most detergents for washing clothes due to their alkaline effect and effect of protecting the metal elements in washing machines.

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