IQE promotes research into new materials

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IQE promotes research into new materials

Industrias Químicas del Ebro, in line with its responsible development strategy, promotes research into new nanomaterials through the NanoInTech project.

This project, developed in the IQE Chair of the University of Zaragoza, aims to develop nanomaterials suitable for application in different sectors in a safe and efficient manner, in order to facilitate their introduction into the market.

The new nanomaterials will be graphene, metal oxide nanoparticles, nanostructured silicas or crystalline lamellar silicates, and can be applied in lubricants, conductive inks, reinforced plastics, nano-additivated coatings and reinforced rubbers, all while maintaining safe toxicological and ecotoxicological conditions.

An example of silica-reinforced composites is tires. The use of high-dispersion precipitated silica in its formulation has demonstrated improvements in properties such as tire grip on wet and cold pavement, and decreased vehicle fuel consumption.

The IQE Chair has facilitated access to the highest level of equipment and highly qualified personnel through different collaboration agreements.