IQE joins the European project ZERO BRINE

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IQE joins the European project ZERO BRINE

The aim of the ZERO BRINE project is to ease the implementation of the Circular Economy in industrial processes. This is a productive system model in which the effluents are reintroduced into the production cycle as raw material, generating new lines of products or services, which means not only a more efficient use of resources but also an opportunity to create businesses initiatives that generate economic, social and environmental benefits.

ZERO BRINE basically looks for minimizing the environmental impact, having as main objectives:

  • The recovery of 90% of the wastewater.
  • The recovery of minerals such as magnesium, carbonates, sodium sulfate, etc.
  • The recovery of energy through residual heat.
  • Minimize the quantity of sub products and discharges into the environment.

The project, that includes 22 partners from 10 countries of the European Union, will be developed in 4 pilot plants installed in companies from different sectors: water treatment (Rotterdam), mining (Poland), textile industry (Turkey) and chemical industry (Spain).

INDUSTRIAS QUÍMICAS DEL EBRO, S.A. takes part in the development and operation of one of these pilot plants (chemical industry), with the objective of recovering water and minerals that can be reused in several productive processes without affecting their economic viability.

ZERO BRINE project is financed by the UE Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020. For further information: