IQE Group presents the 2021 Sustainability Report

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Industrias Químicas del Ebro S.A. presents its Sustainability Report for the 2021 financial year, prepared “in accordance” with the GRI Guidelines “essential” option and, for the first time, in line with the requirements of the Non-Financial Information Statements (NFIS).

Since 2005, the company has adhered to the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles, a commitment that it wishes to maintain in the future with the implementation of actions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with special emphasis on those in which, based on its activity, IQE has a greater impact:

SDG 3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: the safety and health of our workers is a fundamental premise, working on it from the promotion of healthy living, the improvement of working conditions and the prevention of health risks. During 2021 we have defined a Strategic Safety Plan to evolve towards an effective preventive culture in the organisation.

SDG 6 CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION: some of IQE’s production processes are water-intensive. The efficient and sustainable management of this resource in the production process and the optimisation of the treatment of the effluents generated is therefore fundamental for the company to minimise the environmental impact associated with its activities. During 2021, work began on a new industrial/pilot plant for wastewater recovery that will minimise the consumption of natural resources and the volumes of wastewater emitted.

SDG 12 RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION: the efficient use of resources, the incorporation of the best available technologies and investment in sustainable technologies that will allow us to reduce emissions of polluting gases is another of the company’s main objectives.

The group has already taken its first steps by installing photovoltaic panels at its plants in Zaragoza and Bilbao to generate electricity for self-consumption from solar energy, installations that in 2021 have enabled it to generate 640000 kWh that have stopped consuming from the grid, avoiding the indirect emission of 144 tonnes of CO2.

SDG 13 CLIMATE ACTION: carrying out actions to raise awareness of this issue among our employees and their families. Participation in the “El Bosque de los Zaragozanos” project, promoted by Zaragoza City Council.

Access the organisation’s strategy on social responsibility, the progress achieved and the challenges for the future.