IQE's Management is committed to providing the company with the necessary resources for the correct implementation, development, maintenance and monitoring of information security management and business continuity.

IQE is actively committed to complying with current legislation on which any obligation of the company falls. For this reason, it is aware of and complies with the current security legislation that is applicable to it, extending its commitment to its work staff and interested parties.

The awareness and knowledge of the IQE staff in the field of Information Security, as well as the communication of security incidents to those responsible for its management, is essential for the correct operation of the systems that support information in the company.

For this reason, IQE develops periodic training, awareness-raising and awareness-raising actions in this area, considered as an essential element when it comes to dealing with correct knowledge management among workforce, which, consequently, results in the effectiveness of the actions and elements implemented in Information Security.

This Policy is available on the IQE corporate website and in the notification notification tools available to all IQE workers.


Fdo. Jorge Villaroya

Consejero Delegado del Grupo IQE

Fecha. 15/10/2019