Aluminium sulphate

The aluminium sulphate, SUFAL, is an organic salt, soluble in water. It is the result of the reaction of concentrated sulphuric acid with an aluminium source, such as bauxite or aluminium hydroxide, among others.

SUFAL is available in aqueous solutions and in solid hydrated forms, with different particle sizes.

After aluminium oxide, it is the second most commonly used aluminium compound in industry. It is extensively used in waste water treatment and in drinking water purification as a coagulant, as well as in paper manufacture. There are many other uses as a set accelerator in construction, or as a mordant in dyeing and printing of textiles.

The aluminium sulphate, SUFAL, manufactured by IQE is Type I according to European standard EN878 (iron-free).

SUFAL® . Aluminium sulphate

This is the most commonly used coagulant today. It consists of an aluminium sulphate aqueous solution that can be colourless or with a slight beige hue. It is most commonly applied as a coagulant for treating water for human consumption, as it groups together the colloidal matter present in the water, accelerates sedimentation, reduces bacterial content and thus improves the organoleptic properties of water.


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A white or slightly beige solid, this product is available with different particle sizes: SUFAL® 17.0F (0-1 mm), SUFAL® 17.0P (0-2 mm) and SUFAL® 17.0G (2-8 mm).


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